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Escape the Maddening World by Vacationing in a Rental Cabin

By Caitlin Moore   [ 19/09/2006 ]

When modern life does what itís best at (that is keeping you busy and often overloaded) just a little too well, most people have a certain predictable reaction. Their feet start to itch, their minds start to wander, and their hearts begin to long for a place theyíve probably never even laid eyes on. When this occurs, some ignore their inner stirrings, denying that wanderlust has set it. Others, the smarter ones, accept the fact that itís time to get out of town.

Specifically, to really take care of the urge to break free from the shackles of technology and ever-connectedness, it might be necessary to get yourself to a certain kind of place, a place that will perfectly ease you out of the fray and into the forest. Yes, sometimes a cabin in the woods is the only place to go, so ready yourself for a little trip.

Cabins come in all shapes and sizes and can be found near and far, but they contain a common element that other vacation rentals and hotel rooms aspire to but never achieve. They offer a true sense of ďaway-ness,Ē that canít be replicated. Stress evaporates within cabins more quickly than anywhere else; maybe itís the wood, maybe itís the fireplace, maybe itís the shelter of the trees that extracts all tension from cabin-dwellersí bodies and sends it off to be dealt with on another day. Thereís no need to question it, really. Just go with it, and be thankful.

To visualize things with more clarity, take a look at a real-life cabin that can be rented by the kind of tired soul weíve been discussing. It is located in Maine, as many quaint cabins are, due to the kind of climate and beauty that make cozying up in the woods the perfectly natural thing to do at any time of the year. This one is Scandinavian in style and built from the solid stuff of white cedar. Every inhalation will kindle those basic, earthy feelings that we all have deep down, and youíll grow to love the scent of timelessness and pure wild growth.

The cabin is private and nestled among a grove of pine trees, with a lake just a few steps away. While away your days with swimming, canoeing, reading books and cherishing the sweet sounds of silence. The absence of traffic sounds and cell phones will remarkably affect you, and encompass the reasons you came in the first place. Simple pleasures will take on great meaning here, where time slows down and the smallest things grow with importance. On this note, this would be an ideal honeymoon spot as the delicacies and eccentricities of your beloved will be revealed in all their glory before the tranquil and uncomplicated backdrop of your temporary home.

On the other side of the country, youíll find ample opportunity to get lost in the hills or your loverís eyes as well. Log cabins abound in California, so whether you want to isolate yourself in gold country or unpack nearer to the action alongside Lake Tahoe, youíll have plenty of charming properties to choose from. From small and simple to outright luxurious, youíll have it made.

Rental cabins donít have to be rustic, mind you. Many come equipped with WiFi, hot tubs, even espresso makers. The whole point of escaping is to rediscover what itís like to be anxiety-free and comfortable, so pick a property that has what you need to accomplish these deserved goals.

Of course there are plenty more cabin hotspots around; the mountains of Colorado, the Poconos, Lake of the Ozarks, the list goes on and on. Sometimes all that matters is the wooden structure, the welcoming landscape, and the knowledge that no one else knows where you are. No one who will bother you, anyway. So if the idea of escaping to a cabin, lodge, or bungalow appeals to your world weary self, start planning your getaway now. Even if youíve yet to become totally burned out, itís better to plan ahead.

Go online to check out a few Rental Cabins, letting your internal compass steer you in the right direction. There are many suitable candidates to choose from, so sneak in a little time now in order to thank yourself for making the right decision later. No matter where you end up, as long as you gain some inner peace youíll have accomplished your mission and saved yourself a whole lot of trouble in the long run.

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